For those of you who know me well, know that I have a deep love for (anything) Japan. Having spent many of my formative years there as a young model has solidified my passion for the language, food, culture, people and land. Many readers of this magazine have asked for my ‘take’ on Tokyo, so I’ll attempt to give you some insight, commentary and opinion on arguably my most favourite city on the planet – Tokyo.

In no random order, I am going to spotlight some fun places for you to consider spending time at during your next visit…(READ MORE)

Five Essential Tips For The Savvy Entrepreneur.


Listen, Adopt and Apply

This article was originally published on our partner Rikvin’s website.

In its bid to drive and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, the Singapore government has created several programmes for small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) to leverage off on, such as the Business Advisors Programme (“BAP”) led by SPRING, which matches experienced business advisors to SMEs to provide guidance and an established network in the relevant industry. In addition, various private incubators and venture capitalist firms also provide advice and support to SMEs in Singapore.
While a sole founder or core management team can mean that decisions are clear-cut, being open-minded and listening to the views of knowledgeable business advisors can greatly benefit the business, as well as assist its management in refining and streamlining the business’ strategies and operations.

In addition, experienced business advisors may shed light on different aspects of the industry that one may not be aware of. This can help you prepare your business to face anticipated obstacles, use more cost-efficient methods, strategise how to effectively disburse your capital, or how to target a selected niche market that no other competitor in the industry has addressed.

Especially for a start-up or SME whose management team lacks the network and industry experience, being able to learn from and leverage off an experienced advisor’s network can be extremely beneficial, particularly if it could help the business cut production costs, drive sales and establish market presence.

It also pays to listen to different business advisors who have different realms of expertise. Certain business advisors will provide non-industry specific advice, such as general advice on company incorporation, compliance requirements, etc. While this may not directly contribute towards how the business operations are run, adopting their advice can potentially save the company from administrative nightmares that can result from ignorance of statutory obligations.

Understand your marketDemand feeds supply, which in turn feeds into profit and sustainability for your business. Understanding how to effectively target your market is essential in getting the right people to notice your product and spread the word.
Unlike huge multi-national corporations (“MNCs”), which have substantial marketing budgets to push their products, SMEs often have limited funding for marketing. Hence, SMEs have to go beyond attractive packaging or one form of advertising to appeal to their key customer base. Even if a company chooses to outsource to a professional advertising or marketing, it should be able to provide a detailed brief and be mindful of how the campaign will be received by the target audience.

One cringe worthy example of a bad marketing campaign was the “My Ultimate Bucket List” campaign by Malaysia Airlines (“MAS”), targeted at consumers in New Zealand and Australia, which was launched shortly after the MH370 and MH17 disasters. Not only was it off-putting and ill-timed, the marketing initiative went viral and people all over the world criticised MAS for its inappropriate campaign, tarnishing its brand and contributing further to its poor sales.

Naturally, understanding how your customers will use your product is also important. Pay attention to its form and function and ensure that it is user-friendly. One extremely useful exercise that many experienced business advisors recommend is organising focus groups, where randomly selected individuals are invited to test run the company’s product and provide their honest feedback. Thereafter, companies can then fine-tune and customise their products more effectively.

Particularly for SMEs, where profitability and long term sustainability are primary concerns, establishing a loyal customer base will be essential in maintaining demand and eventually, enlarging market share. If your company is providing services, ensure that your service staffs are well trained right from the start, to enhance customer experience. Making the extra effort to keep your customers happy can even impact how forgiving they are towards any flaws in your services or products; and with social media providing a platform for reviews and complaints; companies need to be mindful that no customer is less significant than another…(READ MORE)



The 1985 Ron Howard movie “Cocoon” sees a group of elderly adults gain a new found strength, enhanced energy and a new lease of life and youthfulness from swimming in their local pool. Now, the pool in the movie contains powers from another planet, however, you can have a similar experience yourself by taking a dip in your pool. Of course, your pool will not be a creation of an alien life form, but this does not mean to say that it cannot help you find a new lease of life, just as the characters did in the movie “Cocoon”.

A long-term study from the Indiana University Bloomington found that swimmers over the age of 35, who were swimming 3.2-4.8 kilometres three to five times per week were actually postponing the ages process by decades. The qualities of their bodies- such as lung function, blood pressure and muscle mass-remained like the qualities of those tens of years younger than them.

Now, you may not have time to swim that much a week. You may not be an excellent swimmer, and you may be well past the 35-year-old age marker. However, swimming can still benefit you greatly, and these benefits can start with just a minimal amount of swimming…(READ MORE)

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“You may think of Mallorca as a party island, however, this is much more to this beautiful gem than cocktails and dancing”


Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearics. You may think of Mallorca as a party island, however, this is much more to this beautiful gem than cocktails and dancing. Mallorca has a stunning coastline, but also an equally as beautiful interior- especially outside of the high season, when the streets are empty and you are free to explore. The island has a mountain range, a World Heritage Site, wineries and luxurious resorts. There is so much to do and see, from exploring the countryside, to diving in the crystal clear ocean. We have put our thoughts together to get started..

Tourist Spots In Majorca

PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN – AUGUST 15: Sunbathers enjoy the fine weather in Cala de Calobra near Torrent de Pareis on August 15, 2009 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)


If you want to watch the sunset over this stunning paradise, then head down to Caleta de Frares. Located on the Bonaire peninsula in Pollensa, Caleta de Frares is a deserted rocky beach where the open ocean looks like a beautiful blue pool. Another beach to visit is Es Coll Baix, a secret, secluded beach at the foot of a cliff, under the shadow of a degence tower from the 16th century. It is difficult to find, but once you do you will be astounded..(READ MORE)

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Situated in arguably one of the most desirable and central locations in Singapore, the newly launched Hotel Jen Tanglin promised me a complete hotel & dining experience. I obviously couldn’t refuse and took them up on their offer.



Situated in arguably one of the most desirable and central locations in Singapore, the newly launched Hotel Jen Tanglin promised us a complete hotel & dining experience. We obviously couldn’t refuse and took them up on their offer.

If you haven’t heard of the brand Hotel Jen, then I’m sure it’s only a matter of time as it continues to rapidly expand across the region under the watchful management of Shangri-La. Previously known as the Trader’s Hotel – a tired and somewhat dated property – the newly re-branded Hotel Jen welcomes you with a quirky, old-retro feel that leaves you with a smile on your face.

The friendly staff are on the ball and checking in was very quick.(READ MORE)




In today’s society, it is easy to assume that bookstores are a dying trade. With chain bookstores and sites such as Amazon and Book Depository, it seems only natural that book lovers would search for their books in these cheaper retails environments rather than in independent stores. However, there is a quiet revival of independent bookstores happening. The American Booksellers Associations tells us that the number of independent bookstores has increased more than 20% since 2009, whilst at the same time large stores such as Borders are going bankrupt.

Whilst big stores and online retailers try to sell a lot of books for a cheap price, they are missing the reason why buyers go into independent bookstores- they want a small selection. They want an inspiring environment, and to feel that they are in a place where only true book lovers go- something that chain stores cannot offer them. Whilst they have a big selection, they are not offering an intimate experience to the reader. Book buyers to not want to go into a store and see only new books, with all old books being put in a bargain bin. They want to search through the shelves looking for the forgotten classics and the hidden gems, the dusty old books at the back that look used and loved.

Books can now be downloaded straight to your phone, your Kindle, your iPad- but with the sale of books in independent stores having gone up 8% this year- which surpasses the amount the sale of books in general rose- it is joyous to see that although we could all sit in our homes and download our books, we don’t. We still want the brick-and-mortar booksellers, and we still want to hold a book and feel it in our hands. Bookstores are full of culture, they are sanctuaries and they can open up whole universes to us. To celebrate the humble bookstore, Living 360 has compiled a list of our favorite bookstores in the world. (READ MORE)

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