The Power Of Being “Unique” In Your Industry: Learn why Christian Louboutin decided to give his shoes red soles.


Having a unique selling point and a different point of view is the one thing that businesses and their owners chase after. It’s the quest of many people to find what sets them apart because they know that quality is what gives them the edge over competitors. If you think of businesses that have been successful, you will find that there’s something about their story that you haven’t seen or heard explained in a certain way. Many businesses sell the same thing but some manage to be unique because of the service they provide. It could be the fact that they are passionate about making sure customers don’t pay too much or it could be because they aim to provide an unforgettable experience – whatever it is, having something that makes you unique will always make you perform a whole lot better than everyone else.

Take shoe designer Christian Louboutin for example, he has become the most sought after name when it comes to beautifully crafted footwear. People have been making shoes way before him but he has taken the lead because he makes shoes well but also because of the red sole he popularised. It gave his shoe a unique and wonderful trademark that excited the market and won him many loyal customers the world over.

Being unique is also closely tied to finding your niche market within the greater industry. Having a specific niche is incredibly important for marketing purposes but it’s also important because it focuses your message so that it becomes tailored to the specific gap you’re attempting to fill…(READ MORE)

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