Smoking alcohol then eating fish & chips ice cream. Are you kidding me?


With the popularity of Instagram and Facebook, we really have become a foodie culture. We seek out the best dishes, so that we can not only eat a delicious meal, but also post photographs to our followers online and show them the wonderful food that we have been eating (Foodstagraming!). As more individuals become amateur ‘food bloggers’, restaurants are trying to create more exciting and visually pleasing dishes, something that you will want to share with your friends- virtually, or in reality. Here is a list of some of the best culinary creations we absolutely love:

Burrata Soft Serve

What is Burrata? Well, it is a type of Italian cheese. However, this is not cheese in an ice cream cone. This is Burrata flavored ice-cream. The genius behind this creation is Dominique Ansel, who is also famous for inventing the Cronut. Get down to Dominique Ansel Kitchen in NYC and try this cheesy creation! (READ MORE)…

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