They say that selling to the mega-rich is easy because they have money – we show you how!


The incredibly wealthy can purchase some strange and interesting things these days. For billionaires, they may need such luxuries as RIMA cinema services- a service that delivers newly released movies to your home theater, the same day that they are released in public theaters. Also, crazy Art insurance that not only covers the cost of your art, but protects it from riot, fires, flood etc- by sending in a SWAT style team, helicopters and all, to fly your art from your home to a safe place.

For billionaire and celebrity mothers who are breastfeeding, there is the ‘night nanny’- a nanny who will wake the client up at regular intervals during the night, then take the baby back to their room and nurse them back to sleep. However, luxuries are not limited to services, as there is a huge market for extravagant brands and products. Many of us may see these opulent products and think ‘who can afford that?’, but with over 211,275 households worldwide reaping in more than $30 each, spending over $234 billion a year on luxury purchases, there is definitely a market for luxury brands and goods. The portion of the super-rich in society is definitely not in decline either- the number of households earning more than $50 million a year has increased from 41,000 in the year 2000 to 128,000 today….(READ MORE)

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