[MOMPRENEUR ALERT] Sonja Maingard – Foxtrot Fashion House


How long have you been a Mompreneur?

For most of my career, I have been managing demanding roles in law, corporate and interior design companies. Twelve years ago after the birth of my two daughters, I realized that the fulfilment of becoming a mother was (is) just as rewarding as being at the top of my career. Having to choose between only ONE of those roles, in order to be an active contributor towards our household, wasn’t adequate for me, so instead, I decided to juggle BOTH. Twelve

years ago, I stepped out of the corporate ‘rat race’ and started my own business. The returns of my enterprising decision was endless, as I was able to pursue my own dreams and visions, freed up from the restraints of desk-bound jobs, office hours and obligations and instead being able to spontaneously embrace my daughters’ presence in my day-to-day-profession. I’ve never looked back….(READ MORE)

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