Why are men grooming brands targeting women? The answer is not so crazy.

Thirty or forty years ago, women were generally not considered to be the breadwinners of the household. Women were the homemakers, the hard working mothers who worked around the clock to raise the children, clean the house, walk the dogs, wash and iron the clothes and put the dinner on the table. However, the world now is a very different place. Research shows that women are now the primary or sole breadwinners in at least 40% of families.  Yet, the majority of advertising is still aimed towards a male consumer. Go figure!


However, companies are slowly beginning to recognize the power of the female consumer. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases- this includes PCS (66%), healthcare (80%), new homes (91%), bank accounts (89%), food (93%) and new cars (65%). Women also represent the majority of the online market, with 22% of women shopping online at least once a day, 92% passing along information about offers and deals, and having on average 171 contacts in their email and mobile mailing lists. Yet still, marketing campaigns still aim to male consumers. Advertisements for cars, for computers, for technology- these are all aimed at men, yet it is the women who are representing the majority of the consumer market. 74% of women feel misunderstood by automotive marketers, 84% by investment marketers and 91% feel misunderstood by advertising and marketing overall…( Read More)

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