Wearable gadgets are everywhere these days. They are your activity trackers and your apply watches. Who would have thought that technology would have advanced so much that we would now be wearing it! With this gadgets, it is not just about how high-tech they are, as they are also a fashion statement. They represent part of you and your personality, whether that is your smart watch or your case for your smartphone. For us to want to own them, they need to look as good as they function.


What exactly is wearable technology- how can it be defined? Well, it is something technological that enables your body to become interactive. Something that fuses the latest technology with your body. It is the thing that works with our bodies to make our lives easier. Just as we wear hat to keep the sun from our heads, or sweaters to keep us warm we wear these technologies to help us in other ways. They help us to communicate with others, to entertain ourselves, to keep track of our health and fitness and to get to know our bodies. When you think of wearable technology, you may think of clunky devices with complicated circuits and batteries- however, this is not necessarily true. A new type of science has recently emerged. A fiber science, in which the material of the clothing is the functioning technology….(READ MORE)

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