Child Geniuses: Time To Meet The Smartest Kids On The Planet


There are many child geniuses and child prodigies in the world. It is amazing to see how those so young can achieve so much. It’s extremely interesting to track their progress as they advance in to adulthood. Here are five of the most intelligent young people on the planet (that we know of) today.


We begin with something rather special- the first and second young persons on this list are siblings. Tanishq and Tiara are twelve and ten respectively, and are American with Asian Indian ancestry.

Both children are members of Mensa- both joining at four years of age. They are not only the youngest siblings to join the high-IQ society, but also the youngest South Asians. The requirements to join Mensa are to score about 98% on the Mensa IQ test. Tanishq scored an incredible 99.9%, with Tiara coming in at a close second with 99%…(READ MORE)

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