Everyone who has ever signed up to a business mailing list will receive the same marketing emails every year. Colorful messages, celebrating the latest holiday, telling customers about the newest deals and trying to convey a sense of care and compassion for you. Yet, does this make you feel valued as a customer, or do you just feel like you are being spammed with these generic emails?

We all want to feel valued, especially when we are giving our money to a business. However, many of us still feel that we are not appreciated by businesses, that we are these faceless individuals who regularly hand over part of our salaries. We feel that we are being failed by the corporations. The facts are, in the last Forrester Research of customer service, only 37% of brands received a good or excellent customer experience score. 64% received ok, poor or very poor. Furthermore, up to 89% of customers left one business due to bad service only to take up business with a competitor. It has been noted that up to 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

So, how do these businesses keep us happy, and show their customer bases that they care? Well, to strengthen the connections between business and customer base, and keep the customers coming back again and again, they really have to prove to us that they do care- and here are some of the ways in which they can do that. If you are a business owner, follow these simple guidelines to prove your care to your customers….(READ MORE)

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