Got ink on your mind? Get in line if you want to see these guys.


Tattoos have gone from elements associated with rockstars and wrestlers to beautiful body adornments that can be considered as art in their own right. Now actresses, models and other famous people sport and celebrate them publicly. As a result, many tattoos have become as famous as the people they belong to, like Angelina Jolie’s calligraphy going on her back and Rihanna’s many tattoos.

Who could forget the “Thug Life” that the late rapper Tupac Shakur had across his belly or the cute hanger that supermodel Chanel Iman has on the back of her neck? Famous tattoos also mean that artists become famous, to the extent that several tattoo parlours and artists have their own TV shows. This shows us just how far this art-form has gone and just how popular some of these artists have become. Here are a few: (READ MORE)

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