What do Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson and JAY Z have in common? Simple – they all know how to dress you


Celebrities of all kinds frequently find themselves dabbling in the world of fashion. Whether they are creating their own line of clothing or brand, or collaborating with existing designers, these days there are a lot more celebrity lines on the fashion market than in previous years. Sometimes these lines succeed- for example, Victoria Beckham, former popstar is now known more for her clothing line than for her music career. Similarly, Jessica Simpson is now making over $1 billion a year in revenue from her fashion label, despite beginning her career as a singer. Yet other times, these celebrity fashion lines are a huge failure. There was Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Bitten’ and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Abbey Dawn’. Don’t recall those names? Well that is not a surprise as they failed so spectacularly on the fashion front.

As celebrities and Hollywood are so glamorous and always at the forefront of fashion, it can be a surprise when these beautiful and talented people we see in our magazines and on our television screens fail to bring stylish clothing to the market. Some of them simply do not have an eye for fashion- they are dressed by their stylists every day, and so when it come’s to designing their own clothes they have no clue. Others do not put in enough effort. They think that being a designer is a quick and easy as choosing some clothes, and so do not fully immerse themselves in their fashion designer roles. Let’s have a look at some of the best and worst celebrity clothing lines…(READ MORE)

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