Meet the man who’s teaching Asia about wine.


Can you please tell us a little about the  group of wineries?

Vina Concha Y Toro is not only Latin America’s biggest wine company but now also one of the largest wine companies in the world. Founded over 130 years ago (so New World wines are not so new!) by Don Melchor, Concha Y Toro has been a pioneer of Chilean wine in the world, and has then expanded into wines from the neighbouring country of Argentina and most recently California. Despite this expansion, Concha Y Toro has stayed very true to its roots, it is still very much a family owned company and has one overriding desire, to produce the best quality wines at every price level. So from entry level brands like Frontera and Vina Maipo, up to Don Melchor which is one of the world’s best Cabernet Sauvignon’s (having been named No. 9 in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the Year in 2014) we think we offer great value to the people that drink our wine.

This level of quality comes from the fact that unlike some other big wine companies, we don’t buy wine from anyone, we only buy grapes and make all our own wines. Concha Y Toro is the 2nd largest owner of vineyards in the world (around 11,000 hectares) and all of the grapes for our premium wines come from our own vineyards, or growers where we have long relationships and the active involvement of our winemakers in their vineyards. From these vineyards, we produce a huge variety of wines which can now be found in over 140 countries worldwide…(READ MORE)

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