What Happens When Your Content Goes Viral

As bloggers, we love to share our content and hope that many around the world get inspired. My mission when I started The Living 360 Blog was simple, create awesome content that would enrich people’s lives. That’s right, we want to “make your lives better”.

We find that if you read good stuff, view awesome videos and pictures, and listen to great music, this will make you feel better.

If you feel better, you become happier.

If you are happier – the world is a better place!

We call it ‘irresistible social media’.


So I was truly humbled (and blown away!) when my piece  CHILDREN GONE WILD – 20 PICS THAT WILL MAKE YOU PEE YOUR PANTS! went completely viral and started to generate incredible attention globally. With over 1m hits, 178k Facebook shares and close to 200 comments – this piece which was mainly of little kids acting up truly turned some heads.

Besides bringing lots of joy and laughter, it also brought a handful of parents who less than impressed – but hey, welcome to the internet.

For all those who came across this and shared it, I thank you very much. For those who have yet to see it and share it – what are you waiting for?

Thanks again for stopping by and please do sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

Here’s to keeping you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in 2014.

Amanda xx

3 Comments on “What Happens When Your Content Goes Viral”

  1. Hi Amanda! Nice to meet you and thanks very much 4 following my food blog. it is undoubtely a viral bomb what you did with this post so congrats for that. And you’re right, everybody wants to share its content as much as possible. I created my food blog in three languages two monthes ago so I’m just at the beginning but I must say people who saw it, like it 🙂 Thanks again and hope you’ll get back soon. Happy Saturday. ~ Antonio

    • Thanks Antonio. Please sign up for my newsletter (www.theliving360.com) so you can keep up with what we are doing. Everybody in our office really likes your blog. Keep it up.

      • Hi Amanda!! Oh, that makes me really happy that you all like my blog. I’m really putting much passion in it and yes, I’ll keep it up for sure 🙂 Send me greetings to all, Amanda — will sign up for newsletter.. ciao

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