50 Awesome Things to Grill in Foil

50 Awesome Things to Grill in Foil

Living 360 Magazine

OK so for those of you who know us personally, will know that we are MASSIVE foodies. We love all kinds of food and more importantly we love cooking great food, watching awesome cooking shows and experiencing yummy restaurants in culinary capitals all over the world.

So when we came across this article, we were most excited. Many people today live very fast-paced lives where they can’t really afford the luxury of coming home and spending 2 hours in the kitchen to whip up a 3 course meal for dinner.. nor can they be bothered after the long day.

So what’s the solution? Foil cooking.

That’s right this awesome article looks at 50 Things to Grill in Foil. It covers everything from Jalapeno Poppers, Jerk Chicken Wings,Lobster Scampi and (our personal favorite) Mussels.

It also teaches you how to make the perfect foil packet!

So what…

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