Can Somebody Please Shut That Kid Up!!

Can Somebody Please Shut That Kid Up!!

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Every flown on a flight when you find yourself surrounded by screaming kids? Parents who just don’t seem to care that their children’s wild and reckless behaviour is causing discomfort for the other passengers? I’m sure you have experienced that at some stage.. we all have.

Well now, you can choose to fly ‘kids free’ in a new service offered by the fine folks at Singapore Airlines. The upgrade is available through the airline’s budget carrier, Scoot Airlines, which guarantees you sit next to a passenger over the age of 12 for a mere $14. This section is located behind the business class cabin and offers 41 seats. To top it off it also offers a bigger seat so all the sulky and whiny adults can sit back, enjoy their peanuts and can stop giving parents on board dirty looks.

The folks at Scoot aren’t the only…

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