A Visual Tribute To The World’s Most Livable City: Melbourne

Congrats Melbourne!!!!!!!

Living 360 Magazine

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey, the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia has claimed the No.1 spot again for the third time in a row as the most livable city in the world.

The survey looked at 140 global cities and factor in everything from health care, education and infrastructure and the garden state’s capital came through with straight A’s (again!).

It seems like the Aussies dominated the Top 10, including Adelaide (number 5), Sydney (number 7) and Perth (number 9). That said the Canadians also did very well – see below:

TOP 10

Melbourne, Australia
Vienna, Austria
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Adelaide, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Helsinki, Finland
Perth, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand

That said, we are not here to talk about second or third place but rather the numero uno – the mack daddy, the city with all the right moves. Be it the…

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