8 Home Remedies That Actually Work

8 Home Remedies That Actually Work

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Next time you have a splitting headache, forget seeing the doctor or popping any pills, all you need to do is bite a pencil. That’s right – we have all heard the old wives tales passed down from one generation to the next and some work and others … well, don’t.

Here are 8 home remedies that actually work. Print them out and stick’em on the fridge.

Do you have a home remedy that you want to share with us?

Let’s hear it..

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2 Comments on “8 Home Remedies That Actually Work”

  1. Specifically, the “8 home remedies that actually work” link works, but not the “View Original” link.

    • I wanted to say that I loved the “oatmeal” section. Great to learn that it is an anti-inflammatory and so many applications for this one thing from neurological issues to skin problems to common inflammation. Thanks for sharing!

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